Women Only Martial Arts Class

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KDA Karate Academy offers many unique things, not the least of which is the Women’s Martial Arts class.

This class, solely for women and taught by an exceptional female martial artist, is focused on developing strong women by teaching real martial arts without any cultural pressures based on gender.

Instructor Tina Lewis has a decade of martial arts experience in Wing Chun, JKD, BJJ, Kali, and more.

The Women’s Only Martial Arts class allows women of all ages to experience the various aspects of martial arts in a welcoming, warm environment. The women’s only environment removes the stresses and concerns of working out with sweaty, muscle bound, gawking dudes, and allows women to focus on techniques that work for women.

Whether you are a beginner, someone who is returning to training after years away, or a long time student of martial arts, there is a place for you at KDA. We look forward to training with you!

If you are interested, or know a lady that may be interested, use this form and we will get in contact with you.

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