Training Assistance Online

Moved and want to keep training while you look for a new instructor?

Would you like someone else to look at a technique or answer a question?

Stuck at home, but still want to train?

Situations arise. Second opinions can be helpful.
I would like to help you.

Wing Chun is very tactile, but videos can be helpful. There is no shortage of online courses in Wing Chun, Kung Fu, or other martial arts.
T.A.O. is different. It is not a course. It is not a bank of prepackaged videos.

I want to enter into a conversation with you about a specific concern, issue, or goal, and offer you some coaching assistance.

We will engage in emails with video and picture sharing. You express a concern, for example: “I really need some work with Siu Lim Tao”, or “I have difficulty with trapping”, or some other singular Wing Chun issue.

You and I will discuss your concern via email. I may ask you to email pictures or videos of yourself performing the issue at hand. In turn, I will offer suggestions, along with pictures or videos specific to your needs. Often, I will take pictures or make videos specifically for you. In some cases I may draw from my existing library, though I will always include personalized information.

Rather than an entire course or signing up as a student and paying monthly fees, the TAO is an issue-based concept.
For a low one-time fee you will receive:

  • 2 emails to establish and clarify your concern or goal.
  • A minimum of 2 emails, including pictures and/or videos to help you with your concern / goal.
  • 2 follow up emails to be sure you are reasonably content with my response to your concern / goal.

You can purchase additional assistance, as many times as you like, for as many issues, concerns, or goals you want to tackle.

Please note: There are a host of Wing Chun lineages. I do not profess to know all of them or the details of every one. My experience is in a Yip Man / Jiu Wan lineage. I will always defer to your instructor’s teachings. Where possible or necessary, I will attempt to do some research for your linage. With that said, structure is structure. Even different Wing Chun families have some fundamental similarities.

We all need a little assistance sometimes. I am here to help.

Training Assistance Online

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