Keith – Thank you to you and your students for your performances at both of our International Education Week events! Your performances were greatly enjoyed and it was a pleasure to meet you! Our event was successful, and it wouldn’t have been the same without y’all! Thanks again, Sarah Donnelley…

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Midlands Technical College – Sarah Donnelley Mid Tech 02-2017

Dear Sifu Keith: As you know, I began studying Wing Chun in a small, very private school. Once I moved I didn’t think I would ever find such high quality instruction again. I was wrong. Your classes teach not only the fundamental Wing Chun principles, but also the practical aspects…

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A. M.

A 5 Star Testimonial / Review on Yelp! Click Here to see the Review.

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From Yelp Yelp Review

To those who want the truth – Sifu Mosher knows real science about how the human body and mind work. Learning to defeat the human body and mind as they work together will definitely teach you how to use your own body and mind together, not only to avoid defeat…

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Kodi Stephen

Sifu Keith takes a personal interest in each student for their growth in the art of Wing Chun. He gives historical knowledge of the art and the practical use in the real world. I look forward to the education I receive with each class and recommend anyone interested in Wing…

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Britt Waidner

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