Sifu Fong, as paraphrased by Jim Brault in his book “A Path of Mastery”…
“Listen up. One thing so important is to relax. Wing Chun was created by a woman, so you need to take your time, relax, and take it easy. But like a woman, if she gets mad, watch out.”

It is so important. Sink down and relax. It is a hard thing to teach, and perhaps harder still to do. You cannot tell yourself, “I MUST relax,” or “I HAVE TO relax”. Shouting, “RELAX!” at someone only makes them tenser. So often I have heard Sifu Fong say simply, “Relax” – though in his Cantonese English, to the untrained ear it sounds more like “Relas”. If you add too many modifiers or requirements on it, all you do is create pressure – the opposite of the goal.

Now, everyone who knows me is aware I have pretty much cast out the created by a woman thing. Do not get me wrong. I have the greatest respect and admiration for Sifu Fong, but he learned that tale in the days before the internet, when there might have been sacredly more than one book on the subject of Wing Chun.

However, Wing Chun is a bit like a woman or any of us really – soft and sweet until you get on someone’s bad side. The best thing to do is relax.


About Sifu

I teach Wing Chun, both traditional and practical, at KDA Karate Academy. I have a Bachelor of Media Arts degree from USC. I have been an Audio Producer / Engineer, a Law Office Manager. In addition to being a Martial Arts Instructor, I am an author. My new book, "Astro Boy, Sensei, and Me" is available now, as is my Sci-Fi joy ride, "On a Sphere's Edge".

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