Jing Mo Mindset

“Constantly refine and polish your martial art.”
“Forms and preconceptions create a world of illusion. Release the methods. Respond naturally and spontaneously. This is the only way to touch genuine reality.”

Wing Chun is a living concept. Frankly, all martial arts are. Some arts and some instructors try to fix their style in older preconceived patterns. However, even in those attempts their art still evolves, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

There is value in prior thought and approach, but those older patterns should be constantly subject to critical analysis. Just as the streets change, so do street fighters. Arts and styles geared toward personal defense have to keep up with those changes.

Research into the Jing Mo Mindset did not provide a direct correlation with the quoted text – which was taken from an instructional manual from Sifu Francis Fong. Research suggests the concept may be drawn from Mozi or Mo Di philosophy more than 2300 years old.

Mozi emphasized self-reliance, restraint, and authenticity over adherence to custom. In researching this article, no instance was found of Mozi directly addressing the martial arts. However, this basic philosophy does suggest the quotes above.

These two considerations, that this philosophy is old, and that it supports continual evolution through the discarding of the outdated and the purely ceremonial, is illustrative of Wing Chun itself.


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