International Women’s Day

The Yip Man myth places two women at the masthead of Wing Chun. One of them, Yim Wing Chun, is purely fictional. However, the other is quite real.

According to the AWCKRI (Ancestral Wing Chun Kuen Research Institute) Ng Mui was a 3rd, 4th, or 5th generation practitioner of Weng Chun County White Crane. She maintained the older San Sik methods of the style and is credited with incorporating softer “Ging Faat” (energy / force) considerations into the system, as opposed to the harder “Ging” methods. AWCKRI suggests she taught her techniques to Miu Shin, proficient in Internal Snake Boxing, the result becoming Wing Chun.

While Yim Wing Chun may be fiction, the importance of women in the martial arts is unquestionable fact. Beyond the martial arts, women have shaped the world. There is a reason a women are the figures of Justice and Liberty. There is a reason we use feminine pronouns to describe naval vessels, cars, and even our homeland. From the cradle to the grave women have always be the rocks on which we rest.

All too often women are shortchanged. They work longer hours, carrying out double and even triple duties as mother, housekeeper, and employee, and they generally do all this for lower wages and earning little respect.

That is not the fault of women. It is the fault of men. Greedy, lazy, heartless men who only know how build themselves up by beating someone else down.

It is hoped men will wise up and turn over control to the better half of the species, or at least actually learn the many wise lessons our mothers taught us.

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