KDA is a partnership of several world-class instructors. As this site focuses on KDA’s Wing Chun program, information will be primarily on its instructor.

That said, much credit must be given to the individual that brought these amazing martial artists together…

Kwanjang Nim Carlos Alayon and Sabom Nim Dan BernardoSabom Nim Dan Bernardo is the head master – founder of the school. Pictured are Sabom Nim Dan Bernardo, the Vice President of the Korea Dangsoodo Association, with his instructor and the President of the KDA, Kwanjang Nim Carlos Alayon. Sabom Nim Bernardo is the bearded chap on the right.

He has been on a lifelong martial arts path, is an expert in Dangsoodo, quite deadly with a sword and other sneaky weapons, and darn fluent in Korean to boot.

Sifu / Sihing Keith MosherThe KDA Wing Chun instructor is Keith Mosher – Sifu to his students, though Sihing is also appropriate.

Keith began his martial art path in the late 1960s, starting with a little judo. In the early 70s he met Sensei James Logue, and began the study of Shorinji Ryu / Okinawan Motobo Ryu, one of the many forebears of Karate and an offshoot of Kung Fu.

Since the mid 1990s, he has been involved with a host of arts, most notably Wing Chun and its descendant, Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu, or Jeet Kune Do – Bruce Lee’s style.

He has studied under Sifu Francis Fong, Guro Dan Inosanto, Sensei Larry Hartsell, Sensei Erik Paulson, Professor Rigan Machado, Frank Shamrock, and a host of others.

He is an Apprentice Instructor under Sifu Fong, Instructor Rank in JKD and Muay Thai.

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