Correcting Huen Sau

Huen Sau translates as ‘Circling, Controlling Hand’. We often focus on the circling part, especially when working forms like Siu Nim Tao.

The hand should not actually draw a circle. It should trace a shape more like a U – down, under, and up.

When thinking about a circle, or tracing one with your hand, the hand remains under and outside of the opponent’s wrist or arm too long, offering little to no protection against the continual forward pressure or a renewed forward movement of the opponent.

If you think about a U while performing Huen Sau, the thumb quickly comes up from the underside of the movement. The thumb and thumb-pad provide a sensor and a barrier – a way to sense any forward pressure or renewed movement, and a barrier to block or deflect that pressure.

A short video for you to contemplate…

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